Ref-Hunters - Free Rotator - Free List

We offer you a free Faucet Rotator and a free Faucet List!

There is no login, you do not need a site or any computer skills.

All you need is a valid Bitcoin Wallet Address. If you have none you can get a free one with Coinbase or Blockchain.

How does it work?

We give you a link to your own rotator and list. Every time somebody uses your Rotator or your list, you will get the referral commissions from all the faucets!

The more people using your rotator or list, the more you will earn passively. So it may be worth to make some publicity for it.

If you provide an invalid Bitcoin Address, a standard Address will be automatically used and you will get no referral commissions.

Once you have your unique url, be sure to save it so that you can access it at any time.

How much does it cost?

This service is totally free of costs. We finance it with the adverts we put on the page.

How can I use it?

You can give your link to other people in order to earn referral commissions when they use the rotator or the list.

Or you can earn double by using two different addresses. Use one address in the rotator/list to earn referral commissions. With another address claim from the faucets.

How can I change the Faucets in the Rotator/List?

For the moment we define which Faucets to use to make sure that they work with the Rotator/List.

We can only use faucets which have the Bitcoins Address in the Referral code.

You can suggest new Faucets over our Facebook Channel. However we keep the right to change the Faucets when and how we want.

We try to update the Rotator/List once a week and remove Faucets that do not pay or include new promising ones.

Why do I not get the referral payout?

First you must be sure that you use a valid Bitcoin Address in your rotator. Ohterwise it just does not work.

Most Faucets work with cookies and if a user has already claimed from a faucet, the referral commission will go to the first person who brought him there.