Serious money with Clixsense | Lesson 3

How to make serious money with

The key to success

If you click the ptc ads, take part in surveys and complete offers you will be able to earn up to a couple of dollars a day. Which is nice but that is not what can be called serious money.

What allows you to earn serious money is the fact that Clixsense gives you the right to have unlimited direct referrals. Each time somebody enrolls for the program through your personal referral link you earn commissions.

  • Each time a referral clicks a PTC ad you get paid
  • Each time a referral completes an offer you get paid
  • Each time a referral takes part in a survey you get paid
  • Each time a referral watches a video you get paid
  • Each time a referral purchases advertising credits you get paid

When a referral reaches 10$ in earnings you get 1$ yourself
When a direct referral upgrades you get 2$ in your pocket

While your referrals earn money they also earn money for you! Imagine now if you have 10 referrals that work for you or 100 referrals or 1000 referrals…

You can upgrade your account for 17$ a year or 30$ for 2 years. By upgrading your account your commissions from referrals get about 2 times bigger. In addition you get a sign up bonus of 2$ for every referral that reaches 5$ in earnings.

What is amazing however is that by upgrading your account, you add 7 levels to your downline. Each time a referral of a referral of a referral… upgrades his account you get 1$ dollar in your pocket!

Let’s say you have just 3 direct referrals but each of these referrals have 3 referrals themselves and so on till level 8 of your downline. This would mean that there would be around 6500 people in total in your downline. If 10% of them upgrade their account, you would earn 650$ just from that!

That could be called some serious money. Imagine now that you have 10 direct referrals…

Let’s talk about strategy now…

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