Serious money with Clixsense | Lesson 4

How to make serious money with

The strategy to succeed

The objectives of our strategy:

  • Get as many direct referrals as possible
  • Encourage these referrals to upgrade and to get referrals themselves

Our target public:

We will try to touch the people who want to earn money online and also rather the people for whom a couple of dollars a day might make a big difference in their lives.

3’000’000’000 people in the world earn less than 13$ a day. For all of these people a couple of dollars can increase their life conditions dramatically.

How to do it:

If you promote your Clixsense referral link directly, you will do the same as all the other users of the program. The landing pages proposed are not inviting and there is not really a personal message attached to it.

What about a message where you not only show how great Clixsense is but also educate how to earn good money with the program. That encourages them to upgrade and find referrals themselves. A message like it is given in this course for example?

This course is a great way to promote Clixsense because it offers an added value to the person. It does not sell the program but a way to earn money with it. On every page there is useful information and a link to sign up with Clixsense.

I profit if you are successful with Clixsense so I want to give you all the tools to become successful as well. I want you to get a lot of referrals. That is why I allow you to use this whole course and the according landing pages to promote Clixsense yourself.

On the next page I will show you how to use this course so that on every page your own Clixsense referral link will be shown. And all this will be 100% free for you.

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