Serious money with Clixsense | Lesson 6

How to make serious money with

Use this course to promote Clixsense yourself

With just one copy and paste you can get the whole package containing this landing page and course for yourself to promote your Clixsense referral link. It is 100% free.

Step 1:
Paste your referral link into the the field below. Make sure that the referral link is the one that you find in your dashboard that starts with If you do not use the correct address, another referral link will be used.

where you can find the referral url on the dashboard of your account

Paste here your referral link:

Step 2:
Copy one or both of these links into a text editor so that you can find them later on

Step 3:
Test the links. On the landing page and on every page of the course the button "join" should contain your Clixsense referral link

Step 4:
The links might be a bit long. So do not hesitate to shorten them with a service like Bitly

Step 5:
Promote this link to get referrals for Clixsense

In the following resource page, you find plenty of ideas where you could promote your link to get referrals. Check this page regularly because we will add things continuously

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