Serious money with Clixsense | Lesson 7

How to make serious money with

Resources where and how to promote your link

There are many ways to promote your link. Promoting is nothing else than to drive traffic to this link. The success of your promotion depends on the quantity of traffic you drive to your link but also on the conversion rate.

Here some simple truths how you can increase the conversion rate:

  • Use a landing page that talks to the viewer and proposes and added value (with your link you get a page that converts much better than the splash page proposed by Clixsense)
  • Try to promote your link to people who might be interested.
  • Make sure that the viewer actually sees your page and that the traffic is not just generated by software

How to get traffic to your link

Again there are thousands of possibilities how to drive traffic to your link. The things I will show you here are very easy and quick to implement.

My advice is to avoid investing into ads to generate referrals. Try the free ways first! If you want to invest, rather upgrade your Clixsense account.


The most obvious choice for promoting is to buy ad credits with other paid to click (PTC) pages. Unfortunately you will need to be very lucky to find somebody using PTC and not having heard of Clixsense or being a member already. So I would not suggest to invest money to promote your link with PTC pages.

Rev Share Programs

This type of programs turn around advertising and they offer a lot of possibilities to present your link to others. However not all Rev Share Programs are really trustworthy.

The disadvantage of Rev Share Programs is that you have to pay for your ads. I like the Rev Share Omni-Cash because it allows to earn Adpacks by clicking ads. (Check Video)

Manual Traffic Exchanges

The concept of manual traffic exchanges is simple. You visit websites of other people and in return you get credits. You can use these credits to show your link to the other users. It is a great free way to promote. Here a couple of traffic Exchanges:

Surfing Traffic Exchanges can take some time. There is a great free software called Traffic Browser that will allow you to increase your speed to collect credits drastically. (Check Video)

Do not use Automatic Traffic Exchanges to promote, people do not look at it.

Forum Signature

Many Forum offer the possibility to add a signature to your profile. Place your link there and put a text on it that is appealing to the people visiting the Forum like : how I make serious money with Clixsense. Each time you post something in the Forum, your singature will be there as well and you create a lot of possibilities for people to click your link and see the landing page.

Free advertising

Some Bitcoin ad networks have developed a concept of free advertising. How does it work ? Every day you can log in with the network and claim from a faucet. You earn free satoshis that you can use for your banner advertising. Collect a couple of days before you start a campaign. You can use our banners below(yet to come).

Viral Mailers

Receive e-mail from other users. Get credits for that and use them to send your own mails with your link.

Great Websites to promote

  • Ibotoolbox Get free credits every day to put ads on the website. You can also write press releases and post videos on your profile. It is a great website to promote.
  • Leads Leap Watch other people’s websites and earn credits. With these credits show your own site and earn cash at the same time. (Check Video)
  • Bitbillions Write an article about Clixsense and earn each time somebody watches your article. You can put your link on every article or in the comments to other articles.
  • 1profitring Watch ads and get e-mail credits that you can use to send your ad to the other users or for banner ads.

Social Media

Social Media are a great way to promote. Share your link on facebook, twitter or wherever you have friends that would be interested in the knowledge that you propose in this course.


We will add some banners soon