The 15 best BTC Faucets in 2018

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The following factors are taken into account: Amount of satoshis per claim, time between claims, difficulty to claim, balance to reach payout

Last update: 15.01.2018

Ranking (before) Faucet Paying to
1 (1) Bitfun Coinpot =>Faucethub, Xapo, direct, Faucetsystem
2 (2) Moon Bitcoin Coinpot =>Faucethub, Xapo, direct, Faucetsystem
3 (3) Fieldbitcoins Xapo, direct
4 (4) Bonus Bitcoin Coinpot =>Faucethub, Xapo, direct, Faucetsystem
5 (10) Freebitcoin direct
6 (6) Btcxup Faucethub
7 (7) Get your bitcoin Faucethub, Faucetsystem
8 (8) World of Bitcoin Faucethub, Faucetsystem
9 (9) Xapo
10 (12) Sunbtc Faucethub, Faucetsystem
11 (13) Timeforebitcoin Faucethub, Faucetsystem
12 (14) Chronox Coin Faucethub, Faucetsystem
13 (15) RH Btc Faucet Faucethub
14 (NEW) Xapo
15 (NEW) Btc Mission Faucethub
Special: Rainpool Faucet Rotator Earn twice from Faucethub faucets!

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