How to get 6 income streams with one single traffic exchange !

With one single manual traffic exchange you can profit from up to 6 income streams very easily. Follow these step by step instructions:

Step 1

Register with Adfeedz. Adfeedz is a manual traffic exchange which is extremely innovative.

Step 2

Claim the free Bonus to earn 2.5 $ and learn how the website works.

Earn 2.5$ bonus when registering with adfeedz Register with Adfeedz and earn 2.5$ just for doing simple tasks that teach you how the platform works

It is very quick and easy to earn credits with Adfeedz It is very quick and easy to earn credits with Adfeedz

Step 3

Surf 25 pages a day. This is very quick since it is a 10 second timer and also because you can solve the captcha with a single click. When you surf 25 pages you receive a surf point. Each surf point allows you to participate in the surf pool which is distributed every day according to sales. You can collect up to 2 surf points without owning a contract or a part of a contract. This is income stream number 1.

In addition to this financial income you will also earn 2 credits for every page you surf. 4 credits allows you to show a website or a referral link of your choice 1 time.

Step 4

Register with rotate4all which is a paid to promote website. You will get a unique link from rotate4all. Put this link as your website on Adfeedz. Use your credits to show this website. For every visit of this link by other people on Adfeedz you will earn up to 0.00025 $. This will be your income stream number 2.

Among hundreds of sites that are used to promote rotate4all link, adfeedz is 4th Among hundreds of sites that are used to promote the rotate4all link, Adfeedz is 4th !

5 income streams on adfeedz View of 5 income streams with contract on Adfeedz

Step 5

Every day you can claim cash links on Adfeez. These cash links pay you directly in dollars. This is income stream number 3.

To unlock the income stream 4, 5 and 6, you will need to purchase a contract. A contract costs 29$ and it can also be paid in cryptocurrencies. A contract will give you around 30'000 credits (7'500 page visits). In addition to that, it will unlock 3 more pools: The Team pool, The Group pool and the Global pool. All these pools will give you additional daily income as long as your contract is active. The only thing you have to do to keep it active, is to claim your income daily. Your contract will stay active until you have reached a 120 % return on investment from these 3 pools.

So if you have the means to buy a contract it is definitely worth it. You will get your money in return with 20% interests and in addition, you will get 30'000 credits to show your rotate4all link and earn like this.

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