Earning opportunities on exchanges

Some crypto exchanges offer earning possibilites that are quite risk free

Exchange Desciption Comments
Bitfinex A somewhat more advanced way to earn coins is to lend your coins to other users on Bitfinex. The platform makes sure that when the person who borrows your coins looses his bet, your coins will be protected.
Create a free account with Bitfinex. Deposit your coins to your funding wallet. Check the funding book of the currency of your choice. Take an order or create one yourself Get paid interests every day!
Binance A very simple way to earn coins is to deposit stakable coins to Binance.
Create a free account with Binance. Deposit or buy stakable coins and leave them on your account. Every 30 days you will get interests on the average amount of coins during the past month.
Bittrex The best trading platform to exchange Hive and HBD