Ref-Hunters Team FAQ

What are your advantages to become a Team Member?

  • You will keep 100% of what you mine with the Crypto Tab Browser on your machines (computer, laptop, phone, tablet).
  • You will also keep 100% of the referral comissions from all the people that register with crypto tab using your own affiliate link.
  • You will earn from every person that is referred by your referrals on 10 levels.
  • You earn a part of the complete referral comissions generated by everybody in our downline on 10 levels, as long as you stay a member of the team. Paid every month in the form of Hive tokens. (only for Team Members)
  • You will get automatic upvotes from our @happyvoter account as long as you post quality content on the Hive blockchain. (only for Team Members)
  • You can exchange your ideas with the Team members in our Hive community
  • As a team member you can profit from the training that we provide for free

What does it cost to become a Team Member?

  • It is completely free to be a Team Member

What do I have to do to become a Team Member?

What do I have to do as Team Member?

  • You need to use the crypto Tab Browser as much as possible but at least once per month. If during one month you haven’t used it at all, you will loose your place in the Team. You won’t get any upvotes anymore on Hive and you won’t get more dividends. You will also not be able to get back into the team. We don’t want inactive people to occupy spots that could have been given to other users.
  • There is also a second aspect that is not compulsory but which is greatly encouraged. We run lists with several hundred websites that pay crypto currencies. We ask the team members to use these lists to claim from faucets or register with programs. We will use the referral commissions generated like that to advertise our affiliate link of the crypto Tab browser so that we get more people in the downline and we increase the Teams’ business.
  • The lists may change. Here some of these lists:

I don’t want to be a member anymore what do I have to do?

  • There is absolutely nothing that links you permanently to the Team. There is no comittment on both sides. Being a Team Member just allows you to earn double from your crypto tab activity. You can get out of the Team at any moment.
  • You can simply stop to use the Crypto Tab browser and you will automatically be taken out of the team after 1 month of inactivity.
  • Or you can write us an e-mail and we will cancel your membership.

When will the dividends be distributed?

  • At the end of every month we calculate the total of generated referral commissions. These referral commissions are then exchanged into Hive (If you don’t know Hive, check out this tutorial).
  • 50% of the Hive that has been exchanged will go into the @happyvoter account that will upvote the posts of the Team members.
  • 50% of the Hive will be distributed over Hive to the Team Members. This dividends will be distributed according to the following key:
    • To get dividends, a Team Member needs to have generated at least 1 satoshi referral commissions by letting the miner in the Crypto Tab Browser run.
    • The dividends are distributed to the Team Members according to how much satoshis they mined during the past month. If you mined a lot, you will get a bigger chunk of the dividends.
  • The dividends will be paid manually so it is possible that the payout date will vary from one month to the next. Ideally it is done around the 3rd of each month.

Why use the Hive blockchain to distribute the dividends?

  • The Hive blockchain provides many advantages.
    • There are no transaction costs to send coins from one account to the other. Especially at the beginning, the amounts distributed as dividends won’t be very big and if we had to pay it in btc, the transaction costs would eat up most of the dividends.
    • Hive offers the possibility to interact together. With a Hive account you can produce content, comment other people’s content and create value with upvotes. It allows us to host our own community.
    • Hive offers a big advantage to create value without distribution. I can give you coins worth money without actually giving them to you. The more staked Hive we have, the more value we can give to the Team Members when they write content into the community.
    • Each time when we give an upvote with the @happyvoter account, we actually also generate curation rewards. So the account will grow organically and give each of the members ever growing upvotes.
  • Check out the Tutorial how Hive works and how you can get started.

What kind of Training will be provided?

  • We will add new lessons to this Team Website that concentrate on our Business. How everybody can improve his business and we will also teach you how to increase the number of income streams.