Micro Earning Websites

The websites below are micro Earning websites that pay you for small tasks like claiming from a faucet, watching ads, watch videos, complete offers or surveys. If you use the links given here, you will become a referral of the Ref-Hunters Team and contribute to the effort. The referral comissions that you contribute will be used to increase the stake of the @happyvoter account on Hive so that it can be used to upvote your contents.

Websites with high earning potential

Website Type of Website Coins that can be earned Comments
Moonbitcoin.cash Faucet BCH Coinpot Tutorial
Moondoge Faucet Doge Coinpot Tutorial
Moondash Faucet Dash Coinpot Tutorial
Moonlitecoin Faucet LTC Coinpot Tutorial
Moonbitcoin Faucet BTC Coinpot Tutorial
Bitfun Faucet BTC Coinpot Tutorial
Bonusbitcoin Faucet BTC Coinpot Tutorial
Cointiply Faucet, Watch Ads, Watch Videos, Complete Surveys, Complete Offers, Play Games, Gamble BTC, Doge
Freebitcoin Faucet, Interests, Gambling, Betting BTC Tutorial
Faucetcrypto Faucet, Watch Ads, Watch Shortlinks, Complete Offers, Complete Surveys, Achievments BCH, BLK, BTC, BTX, DASH, DGB, DOGE, ESBC, ETC, ETH, LTC, NBR, RDD, RVN, SCC, TRX, XVG, ZEC, ZEN Tutorial
Faucetpay Mircowallet linked to hundreds of faucets. Watch Ads, Complete Offers, Complete Surveys, Play Games BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, BCH, DASH Tutorial