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Publish0x Sign up and tip authors every 10 minutes. Choose how much you want to tip the author and how much you want to get yourself. Each vote will be worth 50% of the previous one. Every day your tiping power is reset.
Write your own crypto related articles and get tips from others.
Hive Hive is a brand new social media blockchain based website. You can sign up and start to curate posts of others by upvoting them or write articles yourself and get upvotes. You will earn Hive Token that can be staked. The more stake you have, the more powerful your upvotes are going to be. The payout is due 7 days after publishing and the value of a post is distributed 50% to the author and 50% to the people who curated the post. You can therefore earn just by giving your upvotes. Join our Hive Community Beginner Tutorial